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Ewald Assion

Founder of Assion Electronic GmbH:
Ewald Assion

Electronic & Logistic Full-Service System House

Assion Electronic develops customized electronic and logistic system solutions for more than 25 years.

We provide:

  • Logistic consulting
  • Project engineering
  • Development of hard-/ software
  • Production of electronic/ logistic systems and
  • Cross-sectoral RFID and barcode solutions.

Our portfolio encompasses in detail:

Electronic Services: Logistics Services:
Development of hard-/software (Layout service, redesign of PCBs, BOM optimizationů) Inventory- & Archiving systems
Customized software solutions Process- & Material-Management systems
Material procurement & disposition Tracking & Tracing systems
Order management (modern PPS system) Security-Management systems
Production of customized hardware components HealtCare-Managementsysteme
PCB assembly: SMD, THT & mixed assembly Environment-Management systems
Mechanical processing of front panels and enclosures (plastic & non-ferrous materials) Access Control systems
Laser marking Provider & manufacturer of mobile & stationary data entry systems
Testing & development of test rigs Provider of RFID tags
After Sales Service After Sales Service

Assion Electronic excels in innovative, customized complete solutions.
As a result of the in-house production, the customers receive all products and services from one source.

Assion Electronic simplifies your business!