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Handheld scanner:

  Databoy 8 Databoy2: IP65 RFID Bluetooth Reader with LCD and Storage
...the new generation "Databoy2" is a handy wireless RFID reader for 125/134,2kHz transponders and it is protected according to IP65 standard against dust and moisture. The device is equipped with a graphic 8-line LCD display, 1Mbyte memory and Bluetooth 10m module. In combination with the available 1D or 2D Barcode scanner, GPS or GSM module and various software solutions, the device can cover perfectly logistic, asset tracking or service applications.

Optional: Barcode (1D/2D), GPS, GSM
Coming soon: Databoy2 with UHF reader!

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  Databoy 8 Databoy2mini: IP65 RFID and Barcode Reader with only 3 operating keys
The Databoy2mini is a small but powerful RFID and Barcode reader. Because of its only 3 operating keys, the Databoy2mini is suitable for simple applications.The small but still ergonomic format allows an easy handling of Databoy2mini. For the identification of 125/134.2kHz transponders.

Optional: Barcode (1D), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GSM

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  ClassicReader Classic Reader
...handy, wireless RFID reader, with Bluetooth, for 125/134,2kHz, 13,56MHz, 868MHz, Optional: barcode(1D), Matrix-Code(2D) ...
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  Databoy Databoy: Bluetooth Reader with LCD and storage
...also a handy, wireless RFID reader with offline function, Bluetooth, for 125/134,2kHz, 13,56MHz,  868MHz

optional: barcode (1D), Matrix-Code(2D), NEW! internal GPS

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  Pocket Reader Pocket Reader
125kHz/134,2kHz handheld reader in pocket size for identification purpose...
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  RFID-Printer Handheld reader with internal printer
Print a voucher to the read transponders...
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  HLG 125kHz Mini Portable HLG 868MHz RFID GUN
RFID Reader with pistol grip for easy use, Communication via USB, options: Bluetooth, WiFi, 1D/2D barcode, GPS, GPRS...
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  HLG MC55 HLG Motorola MC55
PDA with 1/4 VGA display, Bluetooth, WLAN, optional: GSM, GPS, camera, barcode 1D or 2D...
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  HLG MC75 HLG Motorola MC75
PDA with high resolution VGA display, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN, IrDA, GPS, camera, barcode 1D or 2D...
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  HLG Recon HLG Recon
PDA with 1/4 VGA display, touch panel, RFID, barcode scanner, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN...
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  HLG Workabout Pro HLG Nomad
A rugged PDA with a freely programmable operating system.
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