Tool and Equipment Management System with RFID- and Barcode-Technology.

Woda Mind Map


WODA2 is a system developed for material and property management, for easy administration of your tools and equipment.

WODA2 is composed of 3 main components:

  • WODA2 Transponder/Barcodes: For the identification of the objects
  • WODA2 Software: For the administration of the equipment, tools, manpower
  • WODA2 Databoy: Handheld Reader for the recognition of the transponder

With the help of the WODA2 system, you know at anytime where your equipment is. WODA2 allows a quick and easy work performance and simplifies the process and administration tasks. The system integrates the essential information and data into the WODA2 software. It guarantees the current availability of manpower, machines and tools as well as operational readiness of the necessary process resources

WODA2 - Consumer Benefit:

  • Uniform system for the administration
  • Clear marking and identification of the objects
  • Efficient use of the tools and machines
  • Tracking and clear representation of the distributed objects
  • Paperless administration of the issuance and residence time of the tools and machines, with time stamp and employee number
  • Paperless information about the current location of an object
  • Automatic documentation of repair dates, servicing dates and maintenance dates
  • Permanent, automatic and electronic stocktaking
  • Monitoring of the construction site as well as stationary and mobile objects after the working hours
  • Saving of time on account of improved criteria
  • Investment minimization for new tools and machines

WODAaviation (beacon lights)
WODAaviation (airplane maintenance)

Woda Grafik

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